sweetman 1From 20 to 23 October 2015 Faculty of Arts and Letters at Catholic University in Ruzomberok hosted prof. Berndan Sweetman, Department Chair of Philosophy at Rockhurst University in American Kansas City. Sweetman presented two public lectures at the Department of Philosophy, he took part at some negotiations and working meetings, besides that he also met with the Vice-Rector Frantisek Trstensky and the Dean of the Faculty Arts and Letters CU Marian Kuna.  


The first of his lectures, called Doing Research in Academia Today, presented the methodological basis as well as very practical experience and advice for university teachers, who also work on research and publication projects. Sweetman, the author of 12 books from the field of philosophy, has shared with his observations from academia in the USA and with his successful and unsuccessful strategies how to write, edit and publish scientific papers in books and journals.


sweetman 2The second lecture The Role of Christian Philosophy in a Secular Context is related to current project that Sweetman has already been working on for the last few years. Sweetman analyses the process of secularization of political life, which is shown by ideologization of public debate and illusory notion of neutrality of secularist position in this discussion. Secularism, according to Sweetman, is not by any means either a neutral position or a platform that would enable any discussion. On the other hand it includes many assumptions that  blocks solid and rational debate, despite of pretended openness it does not permit the discussion about competing world perspectives.


Brendan Sweetman is the President of the Gabriel Marcel Society and Vice-President for North America of the World Conference of Catholic University Institutions of Philosophy ( COMIUCAP).  Among his greatest works are Contemporary Perspectives on Religious Epistemology (Oxford University Press, 1992), Why Politics Needs Religion: The Place of Religious Arguments in the Public Square (InterVarsity, 2006), Religion and Science: An Introduction (Continuum, 2010), A Gabriel Marcel Reader (St. Augustine’s Press, 2011) and the latest work Philosophical Thinking and the Religious Context (Bloomsbury, 2013). Sweetman was also a consulting editor for the New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement: Ethics and Philosophy (Gale, 2013, 4 Vols.).