Názov projektu: European Eastern University

Hlavný riešiteľ projektu: Marta Jędrych, Lublin City Office, Poľsko

Tematická oblasť: Education

Ciele projektu: To increase the attractiveness of Lublin`s academic offer for foreign students (in particular from EP countries) through the implementation of innovative and pro-quality changes at universities in Lublin in partnership of local government and universities


Spoluriešitelia projektu (za PF KU): doc. Ing. Ľubica Černá, PhD., doc. PaedDr. ThDr. Anton Lisnik, PhD., Ing. Anna Diačiková, PhD., Mgr. Daniel Markovič, PhD. , Mgr. Katarína Markovičová, PhD., Ing. Jana Tkáčiková


Spolupracujúce pracoviská: The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin University of Technology, Catholic University in Ruzomberok, Mykolas Romeris University
Rozpočet: 157 756 eur

Doba riešenia projektu od-do:  2014 - 2016


Miesto realizácie projektu: Lublin (Poľsko), Vilnius (Litva), Ružomberok (Slovensko)

Universities functioning in the EU should constantly widen their offer and improve the quality of offered educational services to ensure best possible future of students on the labour market. An important group that universities in EU countries are educating are persons from third countries, among them many students from The Eastern Partnership countries. Students from these countries very often choose Polish universities, a large part of them are studying or want to study in Lublin, mainly because of the location of Lublin at eastern EU border. There is a need to match educational offer of universities to needs of students from these countries. For this reason the aim of the project is to increase the attractiveness of Lublin`s academic offer for foreign students (in particular from EP countries) through the implementation of innovative and pro-quality changes at universities in Lublin in partnership of local government and universities. Therefore, each of Lublin`s universities participating in the project will develop a new study programme or a specialisation in an already existing study programme concerning a subject matter responding to the needs of foreign students from EP countries and aimed at those students. There is also a need to develop comprehensive solutions to improve the study offer in Lublin, in particular for students from abroad, that`s why in the project these solutions will be worked out on the basis of research on students from EP countries studying in Lublin and in their countries of origin and based on the experience of foreign partners.

The activities planned in the project are as follows:
- Research on foreign students studying in Lublin concerning the quality of received educational offer, needs of it`s changes, complementary offer and quality of life in the city - survey supplemented by in-depth interviews
- Research on motivation of potential foreign students - survey conducted with use of an electronic tool
- Desk research on existing solutions and best practises concerning the offer for foreign students
- Working out comprehensive solutions improving study offer in Lublin for students from EP countries as a joint publication based on analysis of research reports, study visits and recommendations of foreign experts
- Working out new study programmes for students from EP countries (I, II, III level or postgraduate studies) or a specialisation aimed at students from these countries - work of experts finished with applying for opening of new study programme/specialisation to a respective Faculty Council
- Creating an internet website of the project promoting the project, consortium of partners, project`s results, in particular new study programmes and specialisations (in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English). The website will be designed mostly for students from EP countries
- Preparing joint promotional materials of the City of Lublin and Lublin`s universities engaged in the project for students from EP countries containing information about possibilities of studying (in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English).
- Conference summarizing the project and promoting its results
- Study visits with workshops in Ruzomberok, Vilnius and Lublin in order to improve the knowledge concerning creation of the educational offer in partnership of local government and universities, in particular offer attractive for foreign students (staff of all project partners will take part in the visits, in total 18 persons)
Activities are aimed at following target groups: universities, university teachers, foreign students (in particular from EP countries) studying in Lublin and youth from EP countries interested in starting to study in Lublin.
Planned results of the project: 3 new educational programmes or specialisations, joint publication containig comprehensive solutions improving the study offer in Lublin for students from EP countries, research reports, internet website and informational materials.
The project will constantly influence the target groups. As a result the number of students from EP countries on Lublin`s universities will grow. Educational and non-educational offer for foreign students in Lublin will improve. The universities will closer cooperate with local government. More students in the city/region/country as well as the improvement of their education will positively influence the economic development of the region/country. New solutions and new educational programmes/specialisations worked out in Lublin could be used in other cities of EU and beyond EU. The cooperation between universities of different EU countries will increase. More students and citizens from EP countries in EU will improve common relations of EU and EP countries, which will contribute to a bigger stabilisation and safety in the world.
Project will be implemented together by partners from three EU countries: Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia.


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