Recently the CCP recevied news from Sr. Agnieszka, Diploma Course Alumna (’17). On the 9th of June, under her guidance, the first group of students finished the e-Learning program, a cooperation between the CCP and the Faculty of Theology in Košice, Slovakia.

The ceremony began with the students sharing their experiences and projects for the future. All the students want to continue working in that field and are very engaged for the protection of minors. After lunch and Holy Mass there was a certificate ceremony, which were awarded by bishop Marek Forgač, one of the first supporters for the launch of the e-Learning program in Slovakia.

Sr. Agnieszka writes, “With all the gratitude and joy we look forward to welcome new students in fall semester, for the Safeguarding Course. Thank You for the team of the CCP and the Faculty of Theology in Košice.”

sr. Agnieszka Jarkowska

sr agnieszka


foto: sr. Agnieszka Jarkowska

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