Škola sociálnych a politických vied (ISCSP) pri Technickej univerzite v Lisabone Vás srdečne pozýva na prvý ročník Letnej školy.
Téma tejto Letnej školy, ktorá sa bude konať od 27. do 31. júla 2009 znie
Svet v angličtine. Pohľad z juhozápadnej Európy

Náplň pozostáva z 20 akademických hodín (4 hodín seminárov a 6 hodín kultúrnych návštev denne).
The School of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP), belonging to the Technical University of Lisbon (UTL), proudly presents the 1st edition of its Summer School.
The theme of the Summer School will be The World in English. A View from the Southwest Corner of Europe and it will be held between the 27th and the 31st of July 2009, with a total of 20 academic hours, with 4 daily hours of classes and 6 hours of cultural visits.
The participants are asked to pay the amount of 350 EUROS or 300 EUROS (if they are from an Erasmus partner institution). This is a stimulating price comparing with the majority of international institutions. This new project aims to enroll foreign and national students, interested about the Portuguese role in the world. In this way, it is supposed to conciliate both academic, social and cultural components.
The social and cultural component will have a huge importance in this course, giving the students assistance after the academic schedule, namely in the cultural activities. The visits to monuments and other places of historical interest will be, of course, an important aspect, as well as trips to the beaches and others places related with this season of the year.
Accommodation and other living expenses can be easily and cheaply solved, but for more information, please see the attachment or visit http://www2.iscsp.utl.pt/index.php?idc=63.
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